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Welcome to the
Nuevo Friends and Family Amateur Radio Club (NFFARC)

The premier Amateur Radio Club serving the Nuevo, Lakeview and Juniper Flats communities of rural Riverside County, California. NFFARC promotes the furtherance of knowlege and education in the radio arts, and a spirit of community service.

  • The NFFARC Jeep Club site formally launches in November, 2022! Click here or use the menu above to visit our new page.
  • KI6WD Visits Singapore Click here for pictures.
  • NFFARC Jeep Club inaugural run! (This is moved to the new Jeep Club page here.)
  • Congratulations KJ6EFJ! On October 25, 2012, KJ6EFJ (Nathan) became the second NFFARC club member, and the youngest member, to achieve the prestigious eDX 25 Country Award. Nice work Nathan! Click here to see the award.

  • NFFARC did it again! For the second year in a row, NFFARC took first place in the November Sweepstakes, multioperator phone category, in the Orange section. Congratulations to all involved for doing a great job. Click here to see the award certificate.

  • Congratulations N6QYQ! On July 24, 2012, N6QYQ (Tim) became the first NFFARC club member to achieve the prestigious eDX 25 Country Award. Good job Tim! Click here to see the award.

  • N6HUT (Bobby) has gone Silent Key... It is with great sadness we report that our Grand Patriarch, N6HUT, Bobby, went Silent Key on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012. He will be greatly missed by our club, his family, and his many friends.

  • Membership:
  • KI6WDArt, Nuevo   N6QYQTim, Banning
    KJ6DTLTyler, Keiser, OR   KJ6EFJNathan, Tigard, OR
    KJ6DTMBrittany, Keiser, OR   KJ6FMYBarent, San Francisco
    KJ6DTKRay, Fontana   KM1KEYMichael, Anaheim Hills

  • We proudly present our Board of Directors
  • Helpful Links:
  • Get your HAM licence! Visit the ARRL Licensing page for some great resources
    Go to for sample tests and examination material (free login required)

    Have a question or comment? Click here to contact the NFFARC.

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