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Nuevo Friends and Family Amateur Radio Club - The Board of Directors

President:The President, KI6WDKI6WD, Art in Nuevo
Art has been a HAM since 1988, when he became licensed along with his father, N6HUT (sk). Art recently retired from the IT management field. He is the son of Bobby and the father of Tyler. Art has two cats, Gladys and Gertrude, and hopes to soon have a dog once more.
Vice President:Vice President KJ6DTLKJ6DTL, Tyler in Keiser, OR
Tyler is the son of Art and the husband of Brittany. Tyler and Brittany recently welcomed a son into the world. A future HAM for sure! Tyler has had a love of the drums beginning at an early age. Today, Tyler works with a number of bands in the greater Portland area.
Secretary:Secretary KJ6DTMKJ6DTM, Brittany in Keiser, OR
Brittany is a happy new mother and the wife of Tyler. She was the first new-generation club member to upgrade her license to General. Brittany now works as a real estate agent in Oregon.
Treasurer:Treasurer KJ6DTKKJ6DTK, Ray in Fontana
Ray was raised in Nuevo and was a best childhood friend of Tyler. He has since moved on in life, and out of Nuevo. Ray currently resides in Fontana and works around the country for a company out of Corona, CA. Other interests include street bikes, gaming and kit building.


Members:Director N6QYQN6QYQ, Tim in Banning
Tim is the proud father of both Nathan and Barent. He was licensed in the late 80's and, had his Novice test administered by Bobby (N6HUT). Tim is often referred to, when referred to at all, as "The Knee-Buckling QYQ". Nobody knows why.
 Director KJ6EFJKJ6EFJ, Nathan in Tigard, OR
Nathan is the son of Tim and works closely with Tyler at their day-job. He has upgraded his license, been active on HF, and taken some awards in the process.
 Director KJ6FMYKJ6FMY, Barent in San Francisco
Barent is the rebel of the family. He is brother to Nathan and son to Tim.
 Director KM1KEYKM1KEY, Michael in Anaheim Hills
Welcome Michael to the ranks of HAM radio operators! Michael is the son of Dimitre, a very close friend of Art. Both Michael and Art are currently "working on" Dimitre to get his ticket.


Members, SK:Director N6HUTN6HUT, Bobby in Banning
SK, 05/02/2012
Here we present our esteemed grand patriarch. Originally licensed as W6KFI in 1932, WWII cost him his call. He was re-licensed as N6HUT in the 1980s. Bobby is the father of Art.
 Mascot HerculeK6MEOW, Hercule (Herkie) in Nuevo
SK, 08/31/2011
Our intrepid mascot Hercule. "He was the best 20 Meter spotter ever." - KI6WD

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